Bowen Therapy for accidents & injuries| Accident & Injuries

Bowen Therapy for accidents & injuries| Accident & Injuries

Bowen Therapy for accidents & injuries. Is it effective form of treatment for accidents & injuries? Yes very much so!

A good friend of mine recently had a motor cycle accident. Fortunately it was not at high speed but never the less it did its share of damage. She had significant swelling from her right foot up to her mid thigh with some heavy bruising. Before the treatment the swelling would start after about 2hrs without the compression bandage on.

She also has a fractured rib on the right side, with some whiplash to her neck/shoulder region radiating down into the right arm & lower back pain.

It was approximately a week gone before she was able to come and see me for any treatment and mean time she had to go on some heavy pain killers & other medications along with a compression bandage to control the swelling.

But does it hurt to do a muscle manipulation therapy on such a tender body?  No it doesn’t have to. For much of the session over the really tender areas I was doing no more than ultra light moves – simply running my fingers over the skin mimicking what would be a normal move. I slowed teh whole session right down and kept it very basic & ultra gentle.

So what were the results?

  • Immediately after the session it took 5hrs before any signs of swelling appeared.
  • The swelling whilst returned was less in itensity
  • Within 2 days the compression bandage was not required.
  • the bruising disappeared completely within the first week before I had even seen her as I got her to treat the area with Apple Cider Vinegar & she also had some natural medication to assist with this.
  • After the first treatment the neck/shoulder discomfort had reduced to one quater of it’s intensity and the radiating arm discomfort gone.
  • The lower back had improved to half the original intensity but we still had some more serious & intense work to do on the pelvic girdle.
  • The rib was still very sore ( & will be for a while) but we are doing works to help it repair quicker & in correct alignment etc.
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