Bowen Therapy for Neck Pain and neck pain relief.

Bowen Therapy for Neck Pain and neck pain relief.

Neck pain is one of the most common complaints presenting to us at Bowen Relief.

Neck pain can be caused from  so many different causes. They can range from a slight annoyance to debilitating.

At both our Cleveland and North Stradbroke clinics we take neck pain extremely seriously.

  • If you have any concerns that your neck pain could be from something more than just a sore muscle please go and see your GP firstly!!!
  • If your neck pain suddenly occurs after an impact of any sort – please go and see your GP first!!!

The great thing about Bowen Therapy and Neck Pain is that we cannot do any harm. Bowen Therapy is not a forceful manipulation so the risk of damage from those types of manipulation is nil and  is gentle in it’s application. You do not have to worry about pain and risky procedures – it is 100% safe.

You may ask yourself ” well if it’s so gentle how can it be effective”? “Am i just wasting my money coming here”? Both those questions are good questions.

  1. The way Bowen Therapy is applied and how and what it works with what is  under the skin are the key differences.
  2. NO! You are not wasting your money!! Nothing could be further from the truth. Assuming that the condition you are presenting with is treatable within the realms of what Bowen Therapy can assist with then really you are wasting your money going elsewhere.

At our clinics in Cleveland & North Stradbroke Island we have treated people with simply neck tightness from stress or sleeping funny, to people who have strained their neck doing something like driving or gardening, sore necks from sporting knocks,  all the way up to severe and chronic whiplash or neck injuries with bulging cervical discs, degeneration of the cervical  spine, nerve entrapment in the cervical spine region.

So why should you come to see me? What are your chances of getting meaningful relief? I have about an 85 -90% success rate in achieving meaningful relief.



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