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    Still not sure if we can be of help? Check through some frequently asked questions and then send us a message.

    The simple answer – Bowen Therapy is a gentle yet powerful & effective muscle manipulation therapy that can assist with many ailments and conditions that present themselves in the body.

    The technical answer – It is so much more! Bowen therapy is a modality that can be used alone or in conjunction with other therapies. It can assist in the healing and repair of many muscular, skeletal or emotional ailments and as it is such a gentle modality can be used on everyone no matter their age.

    Bowen & AMT are not necessarily cure all treatments. They are amazing modalities with the ability to help relieve pain, help improve overall health concerns, repair muscles & improve stress and emotional disturbances. That said no single one modality can be said to be the miracle cure to all ailments. In most cases, they do significantly reduce the symptoms presented by an ailment or health disorder but often the presenting condition is such that after managing they symptoms it becomes far less likely that the resulting condition returns. This is very obvious in muscular or skeletal conditions where the symptoms are a result of an injury and after treating the surrounding the tissue the injury has a chance to fully recover/improve.

    Most people spend a fortune before they decide to try Bowen Therapy/Applied Myoskeletal Therapy. This is quite often not the first point of call for an injury or condition but quite often it is the last. 

    Its is very common for Bowen Therapy & Applied Myoskeletal Therapy to be able to get longer lasting results in just a few short weeks where as many of  the other more widely known modalities – some of which are hell bent on putting you on a 2x/wk, 12wk plan where you might be paying $60+ for a 2.5minute treatment or other modalities where you go simply because others do, but with the expectation of that you are not likely to get long lasting results. Why would you do this??

    In many instances, I have witnessed clients be able to reduce and in some circumstances, get off their medications, painkillers etc. I have assisted  many people to recover from muscle strains, accidents and other ailments so much quicker than they expected –largely drug-free. In my time doing Bowen Therapy at my Cleveland Practice I have seen a countless number of lives improve by way of an enhanced quality of life so my question to you is – Can you afford not to?


    Yes, Bowen Therapy & Applied Myoskeletal Therapy are gentle modalities and often prove beneficial when used in conjunction with current medical practices. If you are suffering long-term muscle or skeletal health concerns, Bowen/AMT can be highly assistive in reducing, pain, swelling, tenderness and joint pain.

    Yes, they are safe for babies and children of all ages. Both Bowen Therapy & Applied Myoskeletal Therapy can assist young children in the healing process after a fracture or broken limb, athletic injury or even sprains from every day falls.

    Yes. Because both Bowen & Applied Myoskeletal Therapy can be so flexible & gentle in their application a good therapist will be able to tailor make a treatment to suit your symptoms and condition.

    Firstly – Bowen Therapy IS NOT A CURE!!!

    There have been many instances where Bowen has assisted people with cancer. Sometimes it has assisted with the regression & subsequent beating of cancer and in other times it has simply been able to offer the client a better quality of life as they go through Chemotherapy & the side effects associated with their treatment. It is extremely good for lymphatic drainage associated with breast removal from cancer patients.

    In the case of treating cancer patients, Bowen therapy is always an ongoing assistive treatment and not a 3 session miracle.

    Yes. Bowen Therapy & Applied Myoskeletal Therapy  are very safe for both mum and baby. They are also an extremely good pain reliever for pregnancy pain. Bowen Therapy can also assist with turning babies in the late stages of pregnancy as a non-invasive option rather than undergoing medical intervention.

    Yes, in many circumstances they can. Arthritic pain can be very disruptive to our lives and many resort to huge amounts of painkillers or injections to help soothe the pain. Bowen Therapy & Applied Myoskeletal Therapy can assist the muscles into relaxing and replaces the moved fascia surrounding the muscle to help with the pain associated with arthritic tenderness.

    Absolutely! Bowen Therapy & Applied Myoskeletal Therapy are extremely beneficial for these types of occurrences. I have personally treated many patients with significant soft tissue, tendon and ligament damage and bruising and have witnessed patients recover from injuries far quicker than those on bed rest and pain relievers.

    Both Bowen Therapy & Applied Myoskeletal Therpay can assist with these in varying degrees subject to the presenting condition. Like all modalities, these cannot undo the symptoms of a broken bone however they can assist in the repair of damaged ligaments, muscles and fascia of the surrounding break and when treated correctly can enhance and speed up the healing process.

    “Sean made me feel comfortable from the first moment and to be honest I was not sure what to expect, so I was open to the treatment I needed. I thought I had my eyes closed for 10 minutes and yet I was ‘out’ for over an hour. Sean knew nothing about me and yet he learnt so much about me and what my body / I needed. I even found something out about myself that NO one knew and to be honest, I had probably blocked it years ago. It was an amazing experience and something I needed to face and I am truly thankful. Sean is a clever, kind, caring and intuitive person and has a true gift for his profession. I would recommend Sean in a heartbeat.”

    Angela Henry

    “I first saw Sean in In Dec 2016. He came recommended to me by a friend who had also seen Sean & had success with treatment of his own concerns.
    I went to see Sean about sore hips & legs that just didn’t seem to get any better. I was feeling noticeable improvements after the first session & after the second it was all but gone & the ongoing result is very pleasing. Even if you haven’t had Bowen Therapy & don’t know much about it, go & have a chat with Sean, what have you got to lose?”

    Monique Samuel

    “Sean Samuel is an amazing Bowen therapist. After many years of destructive lifestyle choices and unhealthy eating habits, I have earned my fair share of digestive disorders and I am only 35 years old. I had my first treatment last Thursday and it was relaxing and therapeutic. I left the clinic in Cleveland feeling invigorated and cleansed. If you are suffering from any ongoing digestive disorders or if you have any back pain, please contact Sean immediately on 0406 338 440.”

    Paul Keselman

    “If you have any muscle issues go and see Sean he is amazing. I suffer from shoulder issues from stress and constant computer work, I was getting regular massages but they only relieved the symptoms not the problem. Sean had me sorted in no time and also assisted in alleviating a lot of my stress during treatment.
    I highly recommend a visit.”

    Amy Baxendale

    “Sean is a highly skilled and intuitive practitioner who is able to offer remedial assistance for a diverse range of difficulties. Sean is friendly, caring and easy to relate to and communicate with. I highly recommend Sean and wish him every future success.”

    Ron Mur