Bowen Therapy for headaches and migraines| Headache relief

Bowen Therapy for headaches and migraines| Headache relief

Headaches and migraines are not as straight forward as what they may seem. Bowen Therapy can be highly effective at treating both headaches and migraines. The great thing about the Bowen Therapy way is that it is safe, gentle, relaxing & drug free.

At Bowen Relief I regularly treat headaches and migraines at both my Cleveland and Stradbroke Island clinics with great results.

A recent case is a gentleman who who has suffered from headaches and migraines since a young age. The last 12-18 months they have been worsening with headaches daily starting in the morning and continuing through the day on and off at 4/10 intensity level. 2-3 times a week he would experience migraines that were often debilitating. He has been seeing various specialists, had all the tests, all sorts of medication, and tried just about everything under the sun with no significant lasting results. The medication does give relief but does not address the cause.

After his first treatment he experienced a reduction in the frequency & intensity of the headaches down to about 2/10 and only in the afternoons and experienced no migraines.

Just after this the client had some very stressful times which set things back a bit so we are starting over again however to date, Bowen Therapy has been the best treatment and offers the most hope.

The most common headaches and migraines I treat at Cleveland and Stradbroke Island are stress related. Stress is at all time highs these days. Both men and women are presenting with stress related concerns. These might be directly related to work pressures or perhaps to family matters. Bowen Therapy offers you  relaxing gentle Stress Relief.

Whilst headaches and migraines are what the client comments about they are also often accompanied by tight neck and shoulders. It is my job as the therapist to get the complete story and figure out if there is more to the situation than just tight neck and shoulders.

Menstrual related migraines are another common cause presenting at both Cleveland and North Stradbroke Island. Often the results are long lasting and the women only come back on a maintenance plan to maintain this relief.

Should you or someone you know suffer from headaches or migraines, give me an obligation free call on 0406 338 440.

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