Bowen Case Study – Female 60yrs Presents Recent Heart Attack

Bowen Case Study – Female 60yrs Presents Recent Heart Attack

Case # 4: female 60+ yrs

Week 1:

I was in the clinic one day when I receive a phone call from a lady inquiring about Bowen Therapy for the first time. Both she & her mum would like to come along & try it that same day if there are any spots available.

The lady on the phone is, in fact, a registered nurse & whilst she had concerns about herself that she wanted addressing, the more pressing concern is her mother.

The mother had had a heart attack late in 2016 followed by an induced coma for 2 weeks. She reports the mum only has approximately 40% heart function left, has an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) which is a small device that’s placed in the chest or abdomen. Doctors use the device to help treat irregular heartbeats called arrhythmias.

The mother also has renal dysfunction to deal with & resulting from both of these there is a lot of fluid being held within the body.

Also due to the recent health concerns & now substantial weakness of the body & inactivity due to spells in the hospital – there is a significant amount of muscle waste that must be factored in & which the client needs to address.

I met the clients outside & the mother is unable to walk unassisted & required assistance to get out of the motor vehicle & to her walker. Once in the walker she proceeded in a somewhat slow & laboured fashion into the clinic & required to sit down immediately from fatigue & shortness of breath.

Having completed the paperwork we got the mother onto the treatment table. I give a lot of praise & credit to the mother here. Getting onto the table & sorted out was an enormous effort for her but she was determined to do as required. I had offered to treat her in a chair or other means to make it easier for her.

Due to the nature of the concerns of the mother & this being her first ever Bowen Therapy treatment I kept this treatment very gentle in the application, very gentle in terms of procedures chosen & kept everything nice & slow.

The result was amazing! From such a gentle session came such amazing results…

  • She got up & off the table with amazing ease (still assisted but with much less effort required by us)
  • She looked like a whole different lady. She looked happy, she looked refreshed, she looked energised, the colour in her skin was a healthier pink, and she looked alive & positive.
  • She walked with renewed vigour & strength & pace, – still with her walker but we actually had to increase our pace to keep up with her.
  • When we got to the car she swung herself into the car with an almost ease. Sure we still assisted a little but that was mainly to be there in case she fell. Even after all that there was no shortness of breath or signs of fatigue.

As for the daughter, her treatment was perhaps a little more “standard” (without being disrespectful & taking anything away from her presenting concerns). She enjoyed her first taste of Bowen Therapy & she too noticed an improvement her presenting condition.

I acknowledge that this was very early stages after the treatment; however, history has proven that when such encouraging signs are noticed early, then one can expect positive results to follow.

Needless to say before leaving the clinic both mother & daughter rebooked.

So what else can you do for the mother you might ask?

With the aid of Bowen Therapy I will aim to assist in improving renal function, kidney health, bladder health, urinary system health, I will aim at improving heart health as to what the body will allow, I will aim to assist in reducing the fluid that is being held in the body & to increases her overall wellbeing, vitality, & quality of life.

It is also important to note that Bowen Therapy will not be the only factor in her recovery & ongoing wellbeing.

She is going to need professional & qualified guidance in the restrengthening of her muscles, she will obviously need constant & regular specialist monitoring for her heart & renal conditions, but if we can contribute to a better life for her then that is fantastic.

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