What Is Applied Myoskeletal Therapy – (AMT)?

What Is Applied Myoskeletal Therapy – (AMT)? 2022-04-12T06:43:58+00:00

Applied Myoskeletal Therapy (AMT) is a gentle yet powerful non-invasive therapy that has a profound influence on correcting the structure of the body – especially for the spine and pelvis (hips).

By understanding and working with the spinal reflexes, AMT can assist with many conditions including

  • Pelvic Tilt
  • Pelvic rotations (both unilateral & bilateral)
  • Vertebral misalignment & rotations
  • Sacral deviation leading to sacroiliac dysfunction
  • Functional leg length discrepancy (leg length discrepancy resulting from everyday functioning as opposed to being born with a LLD or LLD resulting from an accident or surgical procedure, etc)

In most cases, specific Neuro-Muscular re-education exercises can be given to re-educate the required muscles to reduce the occurrence of misalignment & dysfunction.

I have had amazing results with clients who have had long term injuries such as being thrown out of a plane in a plane crash 30+yrs ago, having been in car crash that got crushed between two trucks 25+yrs ago etc.

Furthermore, many of our nerve lines exit from the spinal column. These nerves are responsible for the health & function of muscles, organs, etc. If there is an entrapment or disturbance to these nerves then this can have a profound effect on our health and or daily functioning.