Instant Pain Relief With 10min Bowen Therapy

Instant Pain Relief With 10min Bowen Therapy

Right here –right now!

I was in the office talking with a colleague. He is in his mid-late twenties, a fit strong young man with young children.

This particular day he had been doing handstands upstairs (not up the stairs –just upstairs). His young son came along & drove a Tonka trunk into him causing him to fall & then tumble down the stairs.

He was extremely fortunate not to have sustained any serious injury, however, he was experiencing a sharp shooting pain right up his left arm every time he went to put any pressure on his left wrist but more so the left ring finger. This was debilitating to that arm & causing significant alarm. He was expecting to have to go off & see a specialist & maybe get surgery.

I said her let me have a look. I did one of the procedures for we have for the arms & literally as soon as I finished the pain disappeared & has not returned.

He was speechless & extremely grateful.

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