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How Does Bowen Assist With Health Conditions?

Sometimes the technique may be applied directly to a muscle eg hamstring. Other times for instance if treating a urinary tract infection, the therapist may use a combination of techniques applied directly to/over an area eg kidneys/bladder but will also do techniques that actively stimulate the energy meridians for that particular organ area. On top of this Bowen Therapy works directly with the fascia in the body.

What is Fascia? 

Fascia is a natural communication system in our body that has extraordinary properties.  The Fascia covers our organs as well as other structures such as the muscles. It facilitates unrestricted movement with a glide like flow between those structures during time of movement.

It is also an extremely important communication system within our bodies enabling the body to operate as a whole and coordinated one. When it gets damaged it will tend to hold this damage until it is able to release it. This damage can be both a physical knock or ”stress”.

Very loosely speaking, Fascia is made up form tubules containing largely water.

When applying procedures to various parts of the body where the organs are less protected we are applying vibrational instructions to the body through the fascia.

Most people have heard about the ripple effect when a drop of water hits a pool of still water & you can watch ripple after ripple radiate out from the impact point.

Take this thought and apply it to how Bowen Therapy works with the fascia and you get a basic understanding of why we say Bowen is a holistic treatment, treating the whole body and also why it easily can help a wide variety of health conditions.

For a list of health conditions, Bowen Therapy can assist with click to view our Health Conditions Index.

Some more uncommon health conditions I have treated:

  • An overactive Urethral sphincter (male)

  • A spasming lower oesophageal sphincter

  • A client who has had her bowel removed (precaution for bowel cancer) – otherwise known as Familal Adenomotous Polyposis. Total colectomy with permanent ileostomy & discoid eczema

  • Twisted testes

  • Twisted Colon

  • Endometriosis

  • Head & chest trauma in a baby