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Welcome to Chermside Bowen Therapy

Your first choice when looking for a local Clinic to treat and repair your muscles, injuries and general Wellbeing. Your Bowen Therapy practitioner Sean is a member of the Bowen Association of Australia and other professional associations and has full insurance cover.

Your Chermside Clinic

We are conveniently located at 465 Hamilton Rd, Chermside. For opening hours, please refer to the website when booking or feel free to call me directly to discuss. Free on-site parking is available complete with accessible ramps for parents with prams along with plenty of free on street parking as well. Located on Hamilton Rd directly opposite the Chermside Shopping Centre, there are good public transport facilities within close proximity.

So what makes us different?

No job is too big or too small. We are more than happy to take on those cases that are difficult, with unknown causes and where others have given up. We once had a client that had been electrocuted on holiday and her body was still holding electrical charge. I don’t give up easy on getting the best results for my clients however I am not afraid to recommend my clients for other types of treatments/doctors/scans etc when appropriate. We are not satisfied with a 1 day improvement. Our purpose is to get our clients significant and meaningful results. To us this means improvements that last more than just a day, and more than just a week.

Whenever possible we also aim to inform our clients what is actually happening with their body, why it is happening, what is causing this and what they can do at home to help improve and manage their situation to reduce their time in the clinic. Armed with this knowledge, our clients can better manage their situation.

What to expect from a Bowen Therapy session?

The majority of people find a Bowen Therapy session very relaxing. Of course, this can depend on the nature of the treatment. We treat the whole body and not just the area of concern. I say to people it’s like cleaning only one window on your car when the whole car is dirty. Moves performed directly on skin are preferred however if a client is really not comfortable with this then moves can be done on clothing. Clients are kept draped at all times. No forceful manipulation moves are ever performed. No bone cracking

Other things you should know:

For optimum results it is best that you do not have treatments from any other body work modalities 5 days before or after your Bowen session. This is not always possible in some circumstances such as emergencies and that’s ok too but it is best to discuss this with me prior to your appointment. We can treat most of the same types of injuries and concerns that a massage therapist, Physio therapist and in some cases a chiropractor treats. It’s how we do it that makes us different

Chermside Bowen Therapy Services

.The following are just some of the more common concerns we treat:

.Back pain, from mild to severe and complex including spinal degeneration, and more,

.Injuries & pain from sport etc,

.joint and skeletal pain and soreness eg shoulders, hips, knees,

.stress: great relief from headaches, body tension, aches and pains

.pregnancy discomfort relief,

.babies from 1wk old including latching issues, abdominal discomfort,

.children eg sleep issue, bedwetting, stress, injuries from sport or just running around.

How do I book my appointment?

  • Book Online, select the clinic and time that suits you best. (this will be a link)
  • Call to book your session: 0406 338 440 (this will be a link)

If you cannot find a time that is suitable please don’t hesitate to give me a call to arrange a more suitable option. Sometimes I may be with a client, if you could kindly leave your name and number I will return your call at the earliest convenience.

We look forward to helping you too and remember Bowen Therapy – better for all of you. 

Act now – make your appointment before things get worse. The longer you leave it the longer it takes to get better.